Creativity and sophistication

Judge Allen

Chancellor Allen of the Delaware Chancery Court approved a settlement and cited the creativity and sophistication of plaintiffs’ counsel.

Chancellor William T. Allen
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation

Thank counsel for the work…

Judge Hatter

Judge Hatter summed up the settlement hearing by saying, “I want to again thank counsel for the work that you put into this and hopefully it’s a settlement for which the claimants themselves will be appreciative of the results.”

Senior Judge Terry J. Hatter, Jr.
National Medical Enterprises Litigation

Provided “a model”…

Judge Black

Judge Black said the case provided “a model for how commercial litigation should be conducted and can be resolved.”

Senior Judge Bruce D. Black
Bash v. Diagnostek

The utmost respect

Judge Anderson

US District Court Judge Anderson expressed “the utmost respect” for the work of the firm.

Judge G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Georgallas v. Martin Color-Fi, Inc.

The quality of the attorneys

Judge Taylor

Judge Taylor complimented plaintiffs’ attorneys’ work in the action, specifically noting “the caliber of the work involved [and] the quality of the attorneys involved.”

Judge Gary L. Taylor
Western Digital Securities Litigation

You’ve done very well

Judge Jensen

Judge Jensen stated, “I think the case was handled extremely well, extremely professionally, so I think you’ve done very well.”

Judge D. Lowell Jensen
VeriFone Inc. Securities Litigation

Experienced and qualified

US District Court for the District of Kansas

Judge O’Conner stated “the court finds that plaintiffs’ counsel were experienced and qualified attorneys with outstanding professional reputations in securities litigation who ably and zealously prosecuted the instant case on behalf of the class.”

A hard fought case

Judge Chin

Judge Chin, approving the settlement and fee application, commented that “It has been many years. The case was hard fought, very capable counsel on both sides, and I saw counsel many times… It was a difficult case.”… “Counsel did a great job…”

Honorable Denny Chin
Ellison v. American Image Motor, et al.

You all did a great job

Judge Bennett

“I thought you all did a great job in this litigation” and “I think very highly of the work”

Chief Judge Mark W. Bennett
McLeodUSA Inc. Securities Litigation

Extremely talented lawyers

Judge Coughlin

Judge Coughlin observed that “it took a great deal of skill to get to the point of trial.” In certifying the class, the court commented, “… that Plaintiffs’ attorneys are extremely well qualified”

Honorable John W. Coughlin
Brody v. Hellman, et al., (U.S. West Dividend Litigation)